Dec 10

Soulfish 2

Mikey over at Burl Productions is putting together what should be another classic in Soulfish 2.  Belize, BC, Egypt, Mongolia, CA… some good looking footage in there.  Check it out.

Apr 10

More Adam Barker in Belize

So, I juuuuust posted something about my fishing friend Mikey Wier heading down to Belize and fellow trip-mate Adam Barker shooting some great pics.  Well, Adam has a blog and pics from that trip are now up.  Worth a gander.

Some of Adam's fine, fine work.

Apr 10

Mikey Wier and Adam Barker – Belize

I was checking in on fishing friend and Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador Mikey Wier’s blog, Burl Fish, and was happy to see some pics from his recent trip to Belize.  He was down there with a group of anglers doing a mother ship trip.  One of those anglers was Adam Barker, a photographer from Salt Lake City.  Some gooooood looking shots.

Nice shot Adam!

You can see more of the shots on Mikey’s blog here. You can read more about his trip here.

You can find more photos by Adam Barker at his website.  He does a lot of skiing/outdoors type photography, but has a gallery devoted to fly fishing as well.

Jan 10


Soulfish isn’t all bonefish, but it not only has a few, but it also has a few of my favorite fishing folks in it.  The guy behind the camera (and sometime in front of it) is Mikey Wier.  Mikey guides, produces videos and is a Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador (see his favorite gear here).  I’ve been lucky enough to fish with Mikey a couple of times up here on the Little Truckee and the East Walker.  He’s a passionate conservationist in addition to being one  hell of an angler.

One of the featured anglers in Soulfish is Rachel Andras.  I met Rachel when she was working in Redding and she will likely be the #1 role model I’ll point to when my daughter gets old enough to start asking if girls fish too.

You can buy  Soulfish here.

On a side note, Happy Birthday to my little girl, who turns three today.