Tag Ends – 1/4/10

Looks like the upcoming episode of Pirates of the Flats is going to look at predators and bonefish mortality.  Good stuff.  ESPN… set your DVR.

A look at the sharks that prey upon bonefish, and how anglers can increase the odds of bonefish survival after catch & release. A veteran fisherman casts at a bonefish of a liefetime, estimated at 15 pounds. Biography on author Thomas McGuane.

I am in the home stretch for my Grand Bahama trip… I have run out of #6 and #4 hooks.  Waiting for my new order of hooks to come in.  Still a lot of tying to be done.  Tying up some Horrors… man… that has to be one of the easiest flies ever created.

Still a lot of tying to be done.

It looks like I may follow up my Jan. Grand Bahama trip with a trip this summer to Belize with my dad.  We’ll see.

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