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I’m a lucky man… I have a Val Atkinson print hanging on my wall… about 4 feet from where I’m sitting right now, as a matter of fact.  Val donated the print to an event I was organizing and my parents bought it as a housewarming gift for my wife and I (OK, for me, really).  It’s a beautiful piece of art.

Val does saltwater photography too… I don’t have any, and I want some.

I met Val while guiding at Clearwater House (now Clearwater Lodge) many years ago.  I’ve seen Val’s work all over the place… beautiful books, calendars, catalogs and magazines… pretty much of places I either have known or have wanted to know.

I was therefore excited to see Val as a part of the Pirates of the Flats television program (set for ESPN and airing December 27th).

Val on why he fishes…

You can see Val’s work from Pirates of the Flats here.

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