Jun 13

The view from other eyes

Thought I’d share a few posts about FL from the eyes of some of the other peeps who were there…

Adrienne Comeau writing at The Female Angle.

Matt Smythe (also known as “The Hair”) writing at FishingPoet.

The Hair

The Hair


May 13

Thinking about big, big bonefish

In a few weeks I’m going to arrive early into Ft. Lauderdale airport, I’m going to meet Adrienne Comeau for the first time and we are going to pick up a rental car and drive to Miami to meet Martin Carranza. From there we are going to head out on the waters of Biscayne Bay.

I’m already a little bit puckered, it has to be said.

Biscayne Bay is the land of giants. The bones there, as I understand it, are on the large side of above average and if I’m ever to catch a 10 pound fish, this day represents one of my best shots.

I’ve cast at 10 pound fish a few times. I’ve cast at a few in Hawaii, with no luck. I’ve sent casts downrange a couple of times at big fish in Grand Bahama. I cast at one in Cuba that our guide thought was a shark at first. I’ve put nothing on the board when it comes to double digit fish. If this comes as a surprise to you, I’d just remind you, I’m no expert.

I’m hoping I won’t crack under pressure if we see a really big bone. I’m hoping if Adrienne is on the bow when we see a monster I restrain myself from pushing her into the water and I don’t resent her too much if she catches the damn thing.

I’m hoping I can make the cast and that the big piece of meat on the other end (1/0 bonefish fly?) doesn’t spook the fish.

Dear god I better not trout set if I’m lucky enough to get an eat. How bad would that suck to travel a couple thousand miles, find the fish, make the cast, make the presentation, get the grab and the trout set?!

I hope, if that happens, I learn to forgive myself.

Don’t trout set. Don’t trout set. Don’t trout set.

Me, casting in vain for big bones in HI.

Me, casting in vain for big bones in HI.

Apr 13

The Florida Trip Update

There have been some changes to the upcoming Florida trip, but the trip is still on (and coming up). We went down a man when Jason Pirus had to pull out, but we were back to full strength when we added Adrienne Comeau. Adrienne works for IF4 and Fly Fusion Magazine, not to mention she’s a steelhead guide so she’s got some cred.

We decided to go with diversity. Yup. That’s right. She’s Canadian.

Ms. Comeau with a fair bit of steelhead

Ms. Comeau with a fair bit of steelhead

She’s been to the salt before and is pumped about the trip.

Speaking of the trip. One of the guys we’ll be fishing with is Eric Estrada. Eric is an artist and pretty damn good at his craft.

Art by Eric

Art by Eric

He does some solid work and he obviously has a sense of “place” firmly rooted in Florida. I’m very much looking forward to hearing him talk about his Florida in person.

Eric is part of the Skinny Water Culture crew and contributes to their blog, which is just full of awesome.

Florida… very much looking forward to this.