May 14

Bass Professional Shoppe

I am not sure if I’ve ever actually been in a Bass Pro Shop. There are several reasons for this…

  1. They haven’t really been where I’ve lived.
  2. I tend to prefer my home shops (Ted Fay Fly Shop and The Fly Shop from my home waters).
  3. I am not a Bass Pro, nor a Bass Amateurs. I know, intellectually, that they carry more than bass stuff, but they just don’t come to mind when I think of buying, well, anything.
  5. Sponsored Anglers and Sponsored Tournaments

Bass Pro Angler

Now I have a good reason to actually check out a Bass Pro Shop, one of which, I understand, may be coming in not far from my daughter’s school in San Jose.

The founder of Bass Pro Shop, Johnny Morris, just dropped $100,000 on the largest corporate gift ever received by the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust to help fund efforts to understand the decline in bonefish in the Keys.

Well. Hot damn. Good on ya Johnny Morris.