Mar 12

Bonefish Flat goes to Long Island

The Bonefish Flat recently went to Long Island to the Long Island Bonefishing Lodge.

The Long Island Bonefish Lodge is a whole new bonefishing experience that I think those who have some experience under their belt would enjoy.  The lodge itself is located on what must be a hundred square miles of pristine bonefish flats.  It consists of three duplex style cottages that can hold eight anglers.  The main lodge is where you eat and stock up on Kalik at the end of the day. 

The Bonefish Flat walking a Long Island Flat.

Sep 11

Bonefish Flat talks to Chris Peterson

The Bonefish Flat beat me to this one. I had emailed with Chris from Hell’s Bay ages ago about doing an interview, but it just never happened.  I dropped the ball on that as other things came up.  Glad to see The Bonefish Flat picked up the interview.

Good stuff.

Hell’s Bay doesn’t compromise on ANYTHING.  We use the best available materials.  You can always cheapen things up, but we never take short cuts by using cheaper materials or cutting corners.   You won’t see raw glass on a Hell’s Bay, everything is sanded and finished.  Places on the boat you will never see will get a good finish.  This is a better way to build it, giving the owner another layer of protection.  Yvon Choinard, owner of Patagonia, was once asked why he doesn’t make a product you could buy at Wal-Mart.  He responded, “Lots of people could build a cheaper product.  We build it the best way we can and we never skimp on quality.”  

Aug 11

Bonefish Flat interviews Aaron Adams

The Bonefish Flat recently ran an interview with Aaron Adams… one of my favorite guys.  Aaron, of course, is the Director for the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, a fine organization you should all be supporting (yes, I’m looking at YOU… that is… if you don’t already).

You can also read my interview of Aaron here.

Aaron is amazing in that he is a very busy guy, but seems to always make time for questions.  He’s super accessible and easy to talk to… just don’t expect him to divulge any secret places!

Jun 10

Tag Ends – 6/13/10

How did it get to be mid-June?  Man… time is just flying by here.  Here are some bits from around the web.

In other news…

The US got a point of England in the World Cup.  Awesome.  I love the World Cup… watching now.

Jun 10

Tag Ends – 6-15-10

A few things from around the web.

May 10

Bonefish Flat goes Bonefishing

There’s a blog called The Bonefish Flat.  He and I have a couple things in common… one, we really like bonefish and two, we don’t get fishing as much as we’d like.

He recently made a trip to Grand Bahama with his dad to do some bonefishing.  Fish were caught, memories made.

Check it out.  The trip report is in three parts.  You can start at part 1 and go on from there.

Bonefish Flat gets a bonefish

Mar 10

Milestone on the Flats

Guilttrip25 reported a milestone for 2010… his Florida waters hit 75 degrees.

It certainly has been a crazy weather winter for the “Sunshine State.”  At the March Merkin permit tournament the weather was so crappy that, as The Bonefish Flat reported, only two permit were caught.

A quick look at the 10 day forecast would seem to confirm the optimism… temps from 80-73… some fishing goodness on the way.

Don't worry Florida, better times are ahead.

Feb 10

Tag Ends – 2/18/10

Some bits and pieces floating around.