Aug 12

Boron III SX

At the show I got to cast the rod that won the award for Best Saltwater Rod, the Winston Boron III SX. It is a nice rod and it hits all the high notes for premium rods.

Super Fast Winston

The folks that like Winston Rods for their saltwater fishing have not told me that they liked super fast action rods, but they liked the little bit of moderation, the feel and touch you get with a slightly slower rod. I wonder if this rod is going to hit all the right notes for the anglers that already love Winston rods.

It casts well, it looks nice.

Now, while this is a really nice rod, I don wonder what makes it “the best” from the show’s perspective. I’m pretty sure I’d rather cast a Helios 2 or a Sage One over the Winston, having cast all three of those rods now.  I guess it comes down to personal taste and how you like to cast.

Evaluating a rod comes down to so much personal bias. For me, it is a good rod, but it isn’t going to get the “Bjorn’s Top Saltwater Rod” award. Anyone have one and think it is the bee’s knees?