Feb 12

Costa Rican Bonefish

No one is going to go out and travel specifically to Costa Rica to go bonefishing.  That would be pure foolishness.  However, they are there.  Of course, they are also in Panama and have been caught off the coast of Texas, but that doesn’t mean they are there in great numbers.  I keep getting surprised about all the places bonefish turn up.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about bonefish being caught in Haiti or Louisiana.

Here’s a story about bonefish in Costa Rica from Costa Rica Outdoors:

Some months ago, we had a bit of controversy going here regarding bonefish, and whether we have any in Costa Rica waters. We never were able to determine whether the species, popular in Florida waters and traditionally caught on the inshore flats on a fly rod or light tackle, had actually been caught here.

So… they are there, which is good to know.