Jan 13

Cuda… world traveler.

Science Wed. is back with a little thought about Barracuda. I tend to think of cudas as kind of home bodies. Turns out, they might not be.

Overall, the pattern of high global dispersal and connectivity in S. barracuda more closely resembles those reported for large oceanic predators than reef-associated teleosts.

Hmmm… I am wondering just how far a cuda might travel in search of cuda love.

In a related bit of wondering… I wonder what the genetic mixing is of the African tarpon. I looked for some studies on that, but couldn’t find any. The Tarpon fishery here is pretty well down to a science and we have found damn near every pass they have to make their way through. I’d bet that same level of detail is known about African tarpon, but more because they are conusmed and not because they are as highly pursued for sport.

I love cuda and love learning a little bit more about them.

Got my Cuda down in Andros.

Got my Cuda down in Andros.

Aug 11

Great Advice from Deneki

Deneki had a great list of advice on how to have a better trip, not matter where you go.  I like it.

Here was #4:

Try different stuff.  Fish for dollies instead of salmon or sharks instead of bonefish.  Catching different fish in different ways is fun.

Couldn’t agree more.


Apr 11


I wanted a cuda at first.  Then, after failing for a few days, I NEEDED a Cuda.

Cuda… on the menu tonight (for guide Freddie).

Awesome day… the last here at FIBFest at Andros South.