Apr 10

The Danish Invasion (of Los Roques)

The Danes have invaded Los Roques… turns out they caught a bunch  of fish and then went back home.  Lars, Knud, Lasse and Thomas spent two weeks down in LR and caught at least one of everything, it appears.

Basically, it sounds like they had a blast.


The Danish Invasion

There were a few of negatives… like no electricity for a couple of hot nights with warm beer… yes… warm beer.

The DIY anglers also sounds like there are some growing challenges…

Furthermore the number of fishermen were larger than ever end also the number of other tourist and this increased the pressure on the beaches and flats available for the guideless flyfishers – the cheapskates  i.e. us most of the time. For example kite surfers can really destroy a flat when they cross it at 50 km/h.

Their guide was Chapin… I found a reference to a LR guide named Chapin here, but I don’t know if that’s him or not.