Apr 13

Ahoy Matey

Captain Morgan used to lurk in the waters of the Caribbean, but those days have long since passed and the main piracy threat today is off the horn of Africa. So, it is probably a very safe thing to go on a live-aboard trip to the Bahamas, which is just what Scott Heywood with Angling Destinations just did. There were no reports of piracy (I went to a 6 year old’s pirate birthday party today, so maybe that’s why I’m thinking of pirates) and from what I hear, the trip was a good one.

When in Cuba we stayed on a stationary barge, so it didn’t feel like a Mother Ship trip, although it certainly was free floating. Beyond that, I haven’t been on a live-aboard type of operation, but I can understand the appeal. You are where the fish are (or damn close) and if the fishing tanks, you can kind of pick up your lodging and follow the fish. Sounds good, no?

On the trip, Doug Jeffries, frequent commenter here on the blog.

On the trip, Doug Jeffries, frequent commenter here on the blog.

I have to say… I am intrigued.

The Sea Hunter... looks big enough to live on.

The Sea Hunter… looks big enough to live on.

Have you fished a mother ship trip? If so, how was it?

Aug 12

Doug’s Conch Fritter

Doug Jeffries, a long-time reader of the blog, recently got a fly in Fly Fishing in Salt Waters (a magazine I subscribe to). My mag hasn’t arrived yet, so I found out about it through Scott Heywood’s blog Fly Paper.

It is, indeed, a fine looking fly (full tying instructions at the Fly Paper link above).

Yeah… that’s sweet.

That is a fly I’d like to have in my box, and exactly the kind of fly I probably won’t tie because I have yet to tie a fly that called for a dubbing loop. I should really stop by Doug’s and figure that out.

Doug… you around? How do you feel about teaching? You know, I’m an East Bay guy now.

Those of you who tie, what are the flies that you’d like to tie, but intimidate you a bit?