Mar 13

Going Solo

After looking at the inflatable flats boat yesterday, someone suggested I take a look at Solo Skiff. That I did.

The price point is about $2,600, from the looks of it. This looks pretty damn sweet to me.

What do you think?  Would you use something like this?


Mar 13

A flats boat I could actually own

I don’t have a boat. I even ended up leaving my float tube in the ex’s garage. I’m not likely to end up owning a flats boat costing tens of thousands of dollars. I find them damn sexy, but it just isn’t realistic for where I live, the fishing opportunities available to me and my financial position.

However… this boat… this boat seems almost in the realm of possibilities.

An inflatable flats boat, the Bare Bones from Airborn.

Now, I’m sure I could end up dying on an inflatable flats boat almost as well as I could one one of your standard, non-inflatable kind. I can imagine getting caught on a current I couldn’t combat and drifting to some obscure and fresh-waterless bit of mangrove where I die, slowly, of thirst. Yes, I’ve considered it.

This makes all that possible, and for about $3,000, at that.

I'd kind of like one.

I’d kind of like one.

Good idea or bad idea?

Nov 10

So… if you have a yacht…

If you find yourself with a yacht and you are going to be cruising around the Bahamas and you, ya know, want to go bonefishing, you can get a Skate from Hell’s Bay and just toss it up on deck (carefully, and if there are two of you).

Now… I doubt I’m going to find myself in this particular scenario, but if I did (and I mean in real life, not my very active fantasy life), I very well might get a Skate and pole around some no-name bit of Bahamian goodness.  Doesn’t that sound more awesome than you really have a right to expect?


Oct 10

Chittum Skiffs Islamorada 18 | features.boats.com

a good read about an awesome looking flats boat… although I won’t be buying one… probably not great for the SF Bay… despite the bonefish caught there in 1914.

The cult of flats fishing has many commandments, two of the most important being “float shallow” and “don’t spook the fish.” The Chittum Islamorada 18 looks to do that like no other skiff around.

via Chittum Skiffs Islamorada 18 | features.boats.com.

This story was authored by Pete McDonald, who also  happens to write the Fishing Jones blog.