A flats boat I could actually own

I don’t have a boat. I even ended up leaving my float tube in the ex’s garage. I’m not likely to end up owning a flats boat costing tens of thousands of dollars. I find them damn sexy, but it just isn’t realistic for where I live, the fishing opportunities available to me and my financial position.

However… this boat… this boat seems almost in the realm of possibilities.

An inflatable flats boat, the Bare Bones from Airborn.

Now, I’m sure I could end up dying on an inflatable flats boat almost as well as I could one one of your standard, non-inflatable kind. I can imagine getting caught on a current I couldn’t combat and drifting to some obscure and fresh-waterless bit of mangrove where I die, slowly, of thirst. Yes, I’ve considered it.

This makes all that possible, and for about $3,000, at that.

I'd kind of like one.

I’d kind of like one.

Good idea or bad idea?



  1. Bjorn, You gotta move! You’re a high tech guy, you can work out of your Keys bungalow!

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Ah… wouldn’t that be nice? Several reasons why I won’t be moving to the Keys.
    1. My daughter (split custody)
    2. My wife (sub-specialist Dr., there are only about 700 of her kind of MD in the country, she can’t just work anywhere)
    3. My job (does not pay enough and is not secure enough to work remotely and no, I don’t work at Yahoo)

    So, beyond my kid, my wife and my job not aligning for a Keys move… well, yeah… that will just have to remain a fantasy and not part of my day-to-day.

  3. Doug Jeffries

    That’s pretty cool. But as with all other smaller, lighter “skiffs”, you’d only be able to use it on calm days and crossing any open water would be especially risky unless there’s a protected way home.

  4. Gheenoes, man. They make them with front decks http://www.gheenoe.net/fifteensix_classic.html They’re cheaper than that inflatable thing you linked, and wouldn’t be terrifying to be in in saltwater.

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