May 11

Barjack returns to Flatswalker

Barjack has made some contributions to one of my favorite blogs out there, Flatswalker.  Read his Indian Ocean Chronicles.

So I’ve done a lot of riding my bike around and standing with a 12-weight looking for trevally. Good work if you can get it, but I feel the need for a change. Today I think I’ll get in a boat and blindcast a 12-weight for four hours

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Apr 11

One of the Best Posts Ever – Flatswalker

Davin, aka Windknot over at the Flatswalker Blog puts out some really quality stuff.  His writing has a literary quality about it that I dig.  This post came across my RSS feed reader on Easter.  I had to share it with as many people as possible.  Read this.  It is good.

“Yeah, big migratory fish… so deep and fat. Head like a Clydesdale. Imagine that: a horse running, bucking, bleeding from its ears as it leaves a trail of blood on the green grass.

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Feb 11

Flatswalker and Catch and Release

Flatswalker muses on C&R.  Truth seems to be that most folks aren’t doing it right.  Look around the web and see the number of grip and grin photos.  I have some from my first trip before I knew any better and now I try really hard to make sure the fish I catch have a fighting chance.

For the longest time I’ve lauded fly fishing for it’s low-impact on the species we chase in our silly little obsession. On the face of it there’s something to such a notion: fly fishing is often catch-and-release, the mechanics of it usually prevent gut-hooking fish, and (frankly) we often catch far less fish than other techniques, which limits the impact further.

Read the Flatswalker story here Flatswalker.

Um… you are doing it wrong…

Before I knew better

You are doing it right…

Good on ya.

What info do you need?  Bonefish & Tarpon Trust has it all.  Check out their C&R page.

Oct 10


Easy post today… just go read Flatwalker, as he continues to think back to bonefish past.

Davin, who writes the site, posts every week or two, maybe three on a long stretch, so there isn’t always a new story, but when there is, it is worth checking out.  He was also the first interview I did.

Carry on, and hope you have good (no jujubees or anything annis flavored) candy for the kids tomorrow.

Oct 10

Flatswalker does bonefish

This is why I dig the Flatswalker blog.  If you aren’t reading that blog or getting the feed, you need to.

In the past few weeks I’ve caught more big bonefish than I have in all my previous fishing combined. Not that I’ve caught many. No one catches many big bones.

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That is all… happy Saturday.

Jul 10

Flatswalker Goodness

If you haven’t checked out the Flatswalker blog, you should.  Not only is it a good read with posts that are on the other side of the ordinary, but they are the work of Davin Ebanks, fishing guide out of Grand Caymen.  Here is a Youtube gem of his from a pilgrimage to Andros.

May 10

Happy Mother’s Day and Tag Ends 5/9/10

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there… really, there are probably very, very few moms reading this, but, still… cheers.

My mother lured my father into thinking she was going to fish, but after the wedding, she never fished again, or so goes the local folklore.

My wife, mother of my 3 year old, tried fishing very, very briefly on a trip to Montana/Yellowstone.  She saw a big snake in the grass along the Firehole and also rather forcefully declines my assistance with her casting while at a high mountain lake going after Yellowstone Cutts… those two episodes concluded her short-lived and undistinguished fishing career.

Still, there are some great angling women/mothers out there for my little girl to take as role models on the water.

A few other bits from around the web, non-mom related:

  • Moldy Chum with some… disturbing bits about the Gulf oil leak.
  • This is Fly Daily picks up the One Surf Fly story… see, that is starting to look like fun… and that SoCal surf looks a lot more agreeable than the Santa Cruz breakers.
  • Nice little post from our friend over at Flatswalker about our “quiet” sport.
  • MyTurksandCaicosBlog has a bit about mangroves… I love mangroves.
  • Trip report from Skinny Water Culture down in the Keys.

Apr 10

Flatswalker Vid

The Flatswalker blog is one of my favorites.  I was happy to see a new post pop up on my RSS feed from Davin and this time, it was a video.

“Flatswalker’s Journal, March 2010. We descend into paradise to look for the Grey Fox, but we also find a wolf…”

So… go check it out.

Mar 10

Tag Ends – 3/24/10

Bits and pieces from around the blogosphere:

  • I saw that the Fly Fish Chick made it to Exuma recently… and that seems like a very good place to be.
  • Even the Trout Underground is getting in on the action, finding the Louis Cahill photo gallery of Andros South.
  • Flatswalker has been talking Tarpon.
  • Life on the Cay has a first bonefishing lesson in Belize.

Mar 10

Flatswalker goodness

MAN!  I hadn’t checked the Flatwalker blog in a while… he’s been hard at work putting all sorts of choice bonefishness up.

Check it out.