Jan 14

When you want to get away, without totally getting away

Saw this review over at Fly Talk for the DeLorme inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator with GPS. Kirk Deeter gave it glowing reviews and seems to have put it through its paces.

It’s an interesting idea… a little piece of mind for those really remote destinations. I think I might be a little more adventurous if I didn’t have to actually risk my life.

For this next trip I got the medical evac insurance and made sure my dad had it too. It’s great to have that, but what if you are stuck out there somewhere on some long run when things go down. What then? I do think about that. That DeLorme might help.


Jun 10

Aruba Bonefish

Found a trip report about a recent visit to Aruba where bonefish were found and bonefish were caught.  The report is on the Fly Talk message board, look for “Aruba Report.”

The fish are there. Some areas are frequented by the bonefish more than others, but with a tidal range of only 1.5 feet, tide really doesn’t seem to be too much of a factor there. Again, I saw fish every time out, not in huge numbers, but they are there.

Well… that’s encouraging.  Mark Dysinger is the angler who found those bones in Aruba.  Thanks for putting your report up Mark!

Aruba Bone from Mark

May 10

FIBFest continues

There is some good stuff trickling out of FIBFest and the place to see it is Michael Gracie’s blog.

Another FIBFest participant is Deeter from the Fly Talk blog over at Field and Stream.  In that latest installment he makes the claim that bonefish are the perfect species for a fly rod.  Now, that may be overstating somewhat, although the number of folks in the comments section that think carp are actually the finest fly rod species tells me that his readers and I probably don’t share too many rivers together.

Bonefish are a fantastic fly rodding species to be sure.  Perfect?  I’d think the trout is still the species most suited for fly rods… from a 2 wt. on a mountain stream to a 20 pound steelhead, the trout covers a lot of bases… dries, nymphs, streamers… rivers, lakes, creeks, lagoons.

No, I’d say the bonefish is more of a niche species.  It is for folks that like the hunt, the visual search  for the fish.  It has way more to do with the stalking than the rod, in my totally BS opinion.

I’d still trade 100 trout for a single bonefish and a dozen days on my mountain rivers for a day on the flats.  Just say’n.

This is not the perfect species for the fly rod.