Feb 10

FWC and Bonefish

I understand that FWC is recommending some further protections for bonefish in Florida.  Florida Fly Fishing Magazine recently covered  the issue.

Right now, you can’t harvest bonefish in Florida due to the cold snap, the damage that cold snap caused and the temporary protections that were enacted afterwards.  If you’d like to see such regulations extended/expanded, check out the Florida Fly Fishing Magazine site for who to contact.

As you might expect, you are encouraged to support the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

Feb 10

Floriday Fly Fishing Magazine – FWC Bonefish Opinion

Florida Fly Fishing Magazine has some thoughts about the Florida Fish & Wildlife Comission’s decision to grant “Saltwater Game Fish” status to the Bonefish.

Half-way Measures are a Disservice to Bonefish, Sports Anglers

That should give you some idea about how they feel.  Read their opinion piece here.