Mar 14

Arrival at Greenwich Creek Lodge

SFO to Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau to Deadman’s Day, Long Island, Bahamas. I arrived here today ahead of the group to get the lay of the land, take some pictures and generally get things sorted out and ready (read get some beers on ice) before the crew gets in. (Mark from Cincinnati, great to meet you at the airport and I hope Andros is kind to you and your group) The lodge is a comfortable fishing lodge, not fancy, but extremely adequate for my needs. I can see the Caribbean from the wrap around decks and dinner was steak and lobster. Tomorrow afternoon the guys get in to replace the group now here, eight guys from New Jersey, many of whom have been coming to Greenwich Creek for years.Long Island Lodging

Long Island View

Long Island View 2

Their fishing week was plagued by winds approaching impossible, but the pendulum appears to be swinging back towards good conditions, which bodes well. A big Long Island bone was landed today which may have pressed into the 10 pound range, bigger than I thought they got here.

The guys who are here speak very highly of GCL. They love the guides, the food and the family feel of the place. It really is a family affair with Dwayne and Samantha (called either Sam or Mom), brother Elvis and cousin Champ being the main guides (and cook) and dad Ivan occasionally playing some accordion music for entertainment (like tonight).

Ivan and his wife.
Ivan and his wife.

Tomorrow I’ll likely get a chance to cast a line at something before the guys get in in the afternoon. The flats are close and there is a kayak. Good times will be had. I’ll continue to post up what I can about our exploits so you can live vicariously through the Hosted Long Island trip.

PS… Hemingway lives.

Seriously... doesn't he look like Hemingway?
Seriously… doesn’t he look like Hemingway?

Jan 14

Countdown to Long Island

This is where we'll be going... looks kind of nice.

This is where we’ll be going… looks kind of nice.

The trip to Long Island is full. That’s nice, eh? This is the Greenwich Creek Lodge, fully guided, all the good stuff but the booze included.

The days are now obstacles to be overcome. I have a trip on the books. Is there anything sweeter than the anticipation of a trip?