Mar 10

Milestone on the Flats

Guilttrip25 reported a milestone for 2010… his Florida waters hit 75 degrees.

It certainly has been a crazy weather winter for the “Sunshine State.”  At the March Merkin permit tournament the weather was so crappy that, as The Bonefish Flat reported, only two permit were caught.

A quick look at the 10 day forecast would seem to confirm the optimism… temps from 80-73… some fishing goodness on the way.

Don't worry Florida, better times are ahead.

Jan 10

So, how cold was it?

Just how cold was that recent cold snap and what did it mean for the fish?

Well, Aaron Adams was in Abaco trying to work with guides on bonefish tagging as part of his work with the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.  When it’s 57, it turns out even Dr. Adams has a hard time finding fish.  He also related that the lack of heating, while normally not an  issue in the Bahamas, IS an issue when its 53 at night.

@flatsdoctor: I’m in Abaco, at the film site for Pirates of the Flats – Abaco Lodge. It’s too cold to fish – 57deg, high winds, no fish.

Out looking for dead bonefish for BTT, it turns out, was Captain Dave, the guide who writes the Guilttrip25 blog (of which I just became aware).  Turns out it was cold enough to kill bonefish as Captain Dave found a few.