Jan 19

2019 – A Preview

When I look out at 2019 I can’t look much past what will happen at the end of the month. That’s when I’m going to be heading to Christmas Island.

I mean… Christmas Island.

Yeah…that’s a big one.

That’s my big trip for the year. Very much looking forward to that trip. My gear is in. Lots of tying still to be done, but it should be a very, very good time.

Spring Break with my daughter is still a bit undecided. Planning on camping in Kauai, but I need to get that reserved. If it is full, well… not sure where we’ll go. Planning on being somewhere fairly tropical. Trying to do something on the cheap, so we’ll see what I put together. Fishing is always a part of this, but not the main thing.

There is a planned trip to Hawaii, but we are going to the BIg Island this time, so I won’t get to fish with Kenny in 2019. I don’t know what the fishing is like on the Big Island, but I have the impression it’s a rare thing to catch a bone there.

Hope to get the kids back camping up in trout country.

I need to get my now 5 year old son into more fish in 2019 and I’m suspecting Jack Smelt might be the way forward. They are plentiful and they are close. These are two key attributes.

I’m hoping to get a trip up to the McCloud in there somewhere too. It is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world and there is some thread that ties me to it. Each year I don’t fish it I feel some pang, some faint discordant twang on that thread.

Where are you fishing in 2019?

Jan 14

Happy 2014

May the best of your 2013 be the worst of your 2014.

I’ve always liked that.

Tell me… what do you have in store for your 2014?

Me and the reel doing its thing.

Me and the reel doing its thing.

Jan 10

Happy New Year

Happy New  Year.  I hope 2010 is as full of fishing as you have a reasonable expectation to hope for.

It looks like I may very well have two trips to take  in 2010… my January solo trip to Grand Bahama and a late summer trip with my dad to either Mexico or Belize.

It promises to be a great year.

In 2010 may your loops be tight, your back cast free of snags and your knots unbreakable.