Mar 13

Totally Silent Fly Tying – Hot Nosed Gotcha

The hot nosed Gotcha, some close ups of my hand, some background music and… yeah, low on the production values.

I love this fly. Simple, effective with just a hint of something different going on.

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Feb 13

Cliff Box Update

I’ve been slow getting back to the vice to fill up the box from Cliff Outdoors, but I’ll make some headway this weekend.

Today, just 4 of the hot nosed gotchas, tied on a #4 Partridge.

More to come.

Four, lonely flies.

Four, lonely flies.

I love these flies… long, orange nose. Guides tend to love them too. The orange is supposed to elicit the orange of a shrimp’s egg sack. I don’t know if it actually does that, but they work. So, maybe it doesn’t matter what it is supposed to do. Orange + bonefish = goodness.