Totally Silent Fly Tying – Hot Nosed Gotcha

The hot nosed Gotcha, some close ups of my hand, some background music and… yeah, low on the production values.

I love this fly. Simple, effective with just a hint of something different going on.

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  1. What’s your favorite box? I hate my craft fur and rabbit wings getting smashed.

  2. That’s easy… I love my Cliff Bugger Barns. That’s all I really use. Might need to get another box, as I’ve tied about 50-70 new flies and keep tying and my other boxes are kind of already full.

  3. Hey Bjorn,

    A drop of “CA” glue on the initial thread wraps around the beadchain eyes and hook shank will make your fly indestructable. A simple but important step. Careless guides will undoubdtedly test the fortitude of your ties with forceps when unhooking your fish. It may take only 6 minutes to tie a nice fly but it takes only seconds to destroy it.


  4. A lazy step I usually skip. I should do… I know that, but seldom do.

  5. Great fly and nice tie. Although, I don’t recommend giving up your day job to become a hand model. And Andy Puyans would chew your ass for setting them scissors down after every cut. I used to love to sit in on his tying classes just waiting for him to attack the new tiers who always set their scissors down. He’d say “What the hell is all that racket? Clacking and clunking down on the table? Who’s doing that? You put them scissors in your hand and you keep them there, period.” All good natured of course but his message was it was much more efficient to learn to keep your scissors nestled in the palm of your left hand. Hard to do with the type of scissors you use tho. And I’m with Henry, a little dab of supah glue will do you.

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