Feb 17

Indifly and Anaa Atoll

I’ve taken a liking to Indifly after hearing about them from a couple different folks. The idea is… well… I’ll leave it up to them to tell you…

Indifly was founded to protect fisheries and provide sustainable livelihoods for indigenous peoples. Our mission is accomplished through the development of community owned fly fishing ecotourism operations that directly benefit from local resource conservation. Once developed, these lodges and guiding operations create environmentally friendly fly fishing destinations that quickly become part of any fly angler’s bucket list. Ultimately, Indifly helps develop a sustainable economy while empowering local inhabitants to conserve the often-imperiled natural resources of many emerging nations.

That sounds… well… awesome. The destination you have probably seen a bit of is Rewa Eco-Lodge in Guyana. You can even book a trip there with Yellow Dog.

While Guyana looks pretty amazing, what caught my eye was work they are doing on Anaa Atoll in French Polynesia.

The projects are not as simple as just finding a place with great fishing and setting up shop. There’s a lot more to it than that… like trying to convince a local population that loves to eat bonefish that maybe bonefish could be a way to bring children back home, to create jobs and chart a sustainable future for the people of Anaa Atoll.

This is a worthwhile project and a nonprofit that hits on all my high points. I’m going to be talking more about them over the coming months.

In the meantime… you can contribute to their success by donating here.

I worked in the nonprofit world for about a decade and it is hard work. You have to recapitalize every year. One of my favorite saying is this… “Ideas are the currency of the nonprofit world… but cash is oxygen.” So… give.