May 14

The Skink Files – Aragonite mining in Grand Bahama

I think Skink might make the trip from Florida to Grand Bahama to deal with these guys (that’s the link to the full story).

Someone wants to mine aragonite in Grand Bahama. Yes… that Grand Bahama. The Awesome Grand Bahama with all that kick arse fishing and wonderful wildlife. The locals are none too happy.

Omeko Glinton, a professional bonefishing guide at Deep Water Cay for 17 years, added: “This would be one of the most detrimental things anyone could do, not just for the natural habitat, which also includes conch, lobster, bonefish and many more species, but also to the many people who have been using these areas to support them and their families.”


This does not seem like a good place for a mine.

This does not seem like a good place for a mine.

I really, really hope this doesn’t come to pass. Grand Bahama is one of the best bonefish fisheries on the planet. I hope they don’t screw that up.