Jan 13

Cast Again

A good little pearl of wisdom from Norman, an Andros South guide.  Basically, cast again after you blow a shot. Read the article here.

I know this to be true. On my first real bonefishing trip I was out with my dad.  My dad has been conditioned over 60+ years to trout set and trout set he did. One TWO occasions he trout set on a fish, missed the fish and in a wave of frustration waved his rod in the air. That motion actually RECAST the fly, where it was promptly eaten by a bonefish, which ended up getting landed.

True story.


So, I agree with Norman. Cast again.

I fished with Norman down in Andros and I was a little worried before our trip. He was “serious,” they told me.  Turns out, he’s a great guide and a nice guy on top of it.


Norman tagging a bonefish for BTT

Norman tagging a bonefish for BTT

Feb 12

Andros – Give Norman some help

I got an email from Andrew at Deneki today.  His outfit owns and operates Andros South and it turns out one of his guides, Norman, has encountered a tragedy. Norman’s young daughter Nala died last week in an accident on South Andros. I’m pretty sure I talked to Norman about Nala when I fished with him during FIBFest last year.

Norman is a really nice and quiet guy. He comes across as professional, honest and knowledgeable in his guiding and I got the sense from him that he was a pretty solid all around guy.

Norman tagging a bonefish for BTT

Norman could use some help right now to cover the costs for the funeral.  If you’d like to help out, you can contribute to this fund, set up by Deneki. You won’t get a tax deduction, but it is still worth doing.

Sending good thoughts to Norman. I can’t imagine what he’s going through.

Oct 11

Norman – Andros South

Another photo and story from Louis Cahill.

I fished with Norman at FIBFest, earlier this year.  I was a bit intimidated by him before getting on the boat.  I had heard he was tough.

He wasn’t. Really, he was solid.

Here’s a picture that photog extraordinaire Louis Cahill took.  Go to his blog to read the details.