Norman – Andros South

Another photo and story from Louis Cahill.

I fished with Norman at FIBFest, earlier this year.  I was a bit intimidated by him before getting on the boat.  I had heard he was tough.

He wasn’t. Really, he was solid.

Here’s a picture that photog extraordinaire Louis Cahill took.  Go to his blog to read the details.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. You bet Louis. Great stuff.

  3. Did you get to fish with Josie? I heard the same that he was “tough” but had one of the best days of my life with him.

  4. I did fish with Josie the day I got to fish with Andrew. He was great. I started off good. First fish of the day, 60′, 1:00 and I nailed it on the first cast. It was kind of false advertising on my part, but it made me feel good.

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