Aug 11

Best New Fly Rod – IFTD

Well, they say the One from Sage is the “Best New Fly Rod.”  Of course, one takes these sorts of pronouncements with a grain of salt.  The “Best New” is probably not as good, or at least just as good, as a fair number of the “Best Old Fly Rods.”

Still, that’s what they’ve anointed it.  Here’s a little video about the rod.

It isn’t clear to me if there is a saltwater version of this rod.  All the shots are of freshwater, which makes me think this might not be salt-friendly, but they I saw some reference to “all-water,” which makes me think it is.  They do have the Xi3, which is pretty badass already.

It does come in an 8 (and 9-10) and runs about $740.