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Well, they say the One from Sage is the “Best New Fly Rod.”  Of course, one takes these sorts of pronouncements with a grain of salt.  The “Best New” is probably not as good, or at least just as good, as a fair number of the “Best Old Fly Rods.”

Still, that’s what they’ve anointed it.  Here’s a little video about the rod.

It isn’t clear to me if there is a saltwater version of this rod.  All the shots are of freshwater, which makes me think this might not be salt-friendly, but they I saw some reference to “all-water,” which makes me think it is.  They do have the Xi3, which is pretty badass already.

It does come in an 8 (and 9-10) and runs about $740.


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  1. I agree with Louie on the TFO and use mine often on our big bones here on Aitutaki. The Pieroway saltwater rod is real darn good also with great price and durability.

  2. I prefer TFO rods! Affordable, and they dont break as often as the high end jobs. Hard to beat their new BVK series….I use it religiously on our huge Hawaii bonefish!
    Louie the Fish
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  3. Yeah, I’m a value kind of guy myself, so I have liked the TFO rods for a while. I have 5 TFO’s from 2 to 9 wt. Had a little falling out with the company, but a good conversation with Rick Pope about it. I’ve been more interested in some of the other lower cost rods coming out. I like Rise rods and got to fish some Redington’s in Andros. Those Redington’s cast very well, but had some low quality cork. Not a deal killer though. You certainly don’t NEED an expensive rod to catch a bonefish or (insert species here). So many quality sticks out there at so many price points. Good time to be an angler.

  4. I’ve heard the new Echo 3 Saltwater rods by Rajeff Sports (aka Steve Rajeff that designed the Loomis Crosscurrent GLX) are pretty awesome also and can really shoot some line.

  5. I build my own rods under the name of Back Creek Custom Fishing Rods and have just started using the CTS blanks that come out of NZ ask any who has used a CTS blank and they will tell that there the best blank in the world !

  6. Attended the show in NOLA and cast many rods over the three days. Never been much of a Sage fan (although I did buy an ought weight a couple years ago as a Christmas present to myself…try landing a bone on that) but was very impressed with THE ONE. I even voted for it as the best new rod over the Hardy Pro Axis (which I also loved). The rod can be fished in the salt. I came across a rod company that I was unfamiliar with by the name of Mystic & was impressed with the 8 weight I cast.

  7. The 6-10 weights are saltwater capable with an anodized aluminum reel seat, full-wells handle and a fighting butt.

  8. Kara… I knew you’d know.

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