Jun 11


It doesn’t take long, as you look at Google Earth, to get an idea of how close the Bahamas have come, and will come, to utter ruin.

Empty promises peddled by developer after developer after developer from island to island are visible in empty plot after empty plot. All these roads to nowhere and empty lots represent a small fraction of the efforts to parcel up and sell of the Bahamas.  Luckily, there aren’t enough buyers. At least for now.

I hope the next time someone comes to some little local government division there in the Bahamas and promises to make their little bit of paradise into the next South Beach, they look at this post and then go on to look at Google Earth and they decide not to sell.

Can you imagine if all those empty lots actually had houses on them?  What if all those houses had people in them?  What if all those people needed power and sewage and shopping?  Can you imagine if all those broken promises were actually kept?  It would utterly destroy the nature of the place, the ecology, the character, the beauty. I hope that it never, ever comes to pass.

(it would probably totally destroy the bonefishing too)

Here’s a glance at Grand Bahama…








New Providence…

New Providence



Thank god it is a lot harder to execute than it is to imagine.