Feb 12

Kirk heading for the tropics with winter on the ground

A story from Kirk Deeter over at Fly Talk about packing up to head to Long Island while winter is still around.  Now… in CA we’ve largely skipped winter this year, so that will make it easier for me to head to the tropics in a month.

Now, I did make one mistake: If ever you’re tying up “Gotchas” to prepare for a tropical trip you’re going on by yourself, and listening to Jimmy Buffett music while drinking a Red Stripe at your kitchen table during a snowstorm–I’m going to suggest that’s probably not the best time and place to ask the Mrs. if she remembers where your passport is.

Mar 11

The Packing List – odds and ends

I posted on the Dan Blanton board asking what some of the unusual suspects were that folks might have on their packing lists.

One of my fav items is Desitin…the diaper rash ointment.  Yeah… get a rash between your thighs and your wading becomes a lot less fun.

Here are some of the other items folks had on their lists… some real winners in here.

  • Benadryl – never know what you or someone else is going to be allergic to
  • Gatorade powder packets, or Nuun for hydration
  • Moleskin
  • Superglue (for closing those cuts)
  • Meat tenderizer (for stingray or jellyfish stings)
  • A reader from yesterday recommended Zeiss lens cloths
  • Pepto, of course
  • Immodium
  • Wet Wipes
  • Head Lamp
  • Duct Tape
  • Extra sunglasses

Some good advice there.  Might put at least a couple of those into the pack for Andros.  I won’t need Gatorade… there will be plenty of beer.


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