The Packing List – odds and ends

I posted on the Dan Blanton board asking what some of the unusual suspects were that folks might have on their packing lists.

One of my fav items is Desitin…the diaper rash ointment.  Yeah… get a rash between your thighs and your wading becomes a lot less fun.

Here are some of the other items folks had on their lists… some real winners in here.

  • Benadryl – never know what you or someone else is going to be allergic to
  • Gatorade powder packets, or Nuun for hydration
  • Moleskin
  • Superglue (for closing those cuts)
  • Meat tenderizer (for stingray or jellyfish stings)
  • A reader from yesterday recommended Zeiss lens cloths
  • Pepto, of course
  • Immodium
  • Wet Wipes
  • Head Lamp
  • Duct Tape
  • Extra sunglasses

Some good advice there.  Might put at least a couple of those into the pack for Andros.  I won’t need Gatorade… there will be plenty of beer.


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  1. Meat tenderizer! Just piss on your leg and be done with it.

  2. Or if you can’t reach the spot, you can have someone else pee on your leg. Another good thing to have is a small multi-tool, with pliers and stuff to fix things with. Along with the moleskin I take a little patch of mole-foam, it’s thicker and works better for larger blisters. Also a roll of sticky white first aid tape, for when the sand cuts a groove in your fly line holding finger.

  3. I guess there is the pee on it option…

  4. Don’t know if you already covered extra soft foam earplugs, but if you ever get stuck in a thin walled Bahamian house with a major league noisemaker sleeping in the next room (or bed), you’ll want them.
    Of course, maybe they need them for protection from you…

  5. Aitutakiflyfish

    Beer the adult Gatorade.

  6. Since the pee issue is covered, here are some other thing I take on the occasional trip to Bahamas and anywhere:

    BENADRYL – take to help offset the bad stuff from spider bites. Works, and use for, other bug bites, including Amazonian sand fleas, which are a disaster.

    CIPRO – a major league, prescription antibiotic . Get some. Use one if you get tourista (not a huge issue in Bahamas, but you never know). Use a complete dose — usually 10 pills — to offset any infections, ie tooth problems, any other. Hurting teeth affects double hauls. Don’t leave home without it. (Drs will prescribe with no problem. My insurance covers it)
    GATORAID POWDER PACKETS – OK, machos, this is for dehydration due to diarrhea, or perhaps youthful massive hangovers. Or, skip beer and powder – go to tequila, but the good stuff. Silver Patron type works

    J&J WATERPROOF TAPE: I prefer wrapping mummy fingers tvs stripping finger condoms, or gloves. More feel. Also will keep a band-aid on in salt.

    SMALL SHOTGUN- for killing those bastard doctor flies, the ones that leave bloody welts.

    EXTRA T-SHIRTS, HATS, clippers, etc — for guide gifts. Give in in addition to tips. Guides will like them and like you.

    GUM – for use after beer and/or tequila nights.

    Have fun.

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