Oct 11

Pine Island Angler says goodbye to BT2 and “hello” to BT3

From the Pine Island Angler blog.

Please don’t be mad at me for hooking up and moving on with your younger sister.  I know she’s not as skinny as you, but just look at her curves.  She’s so damn hot!  I just can’t help myself.

Aug 10

Pine Island Angler – Key West Bonefishing

The definition of sweetness… a photo essay on the Pine Island Angler blog.  Nice, nice, nice.  Check out the blog for all the goodness.

Here’s a quick photo essay from my third trip back to the Keys this year. I fished with two of my buddies Capt. Mike Bartlett of Key West and Capt. Rob Kramarz from Cudjoe Key. Both are great guides and will show you an excellent time on the water.

via The Pine Island Angler: More Key West Bonefishing, August 2010.

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