Aug 10

The Future is Not Plastics

Every time I see a plastic bag or bottle, I think of that whale skeleton at Warderick Wells Cay in the Bahamas’ Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. From a distance, the skeleton looks a little bit like someone misplaced half a brontosaurus on the beach. The 52-foot sperm whale washed ashore in 1995 after it died from — no suspense here — ingesting plastic garbage.

via The Nature Conservancy in the Bahamas – Whale and Plastics.

It seems a little drastic to say if you put your six pack of Newcastle Brown Ale (yummmm) in a plastic bag means you are killing a whale, granted.  Still, it’s a pretty easy step to take to bring those re-usable bags with you and you’ll look all hip and green (a greenster?).

I think back to my last trip in Grand Bahama and the amount of trash on the beach I frequented most (I could tell you the name of the beach but others would likely kill ME, and that would really get in the way of planning my next trip).   There was a lot of trash… bags, bottles, scraps from this thing or that.  Sure, some of it came from the good residents of GBI, but some of it came from parts further East… and I don’t mean Cuba.

So, ditch the plastic bags (although I need some to pick up after my very regular dog, Lassen).  The move to reusable might just make your next flats fishing experience a little less trashy.

My one reason to have a couple of plastic bags around.