Dec 09

Field and Stream's 2010 Predictions

Field and Stream is all of a sudden relevant to me.  I had no idea.

In their 2010 Fly Fishing Predictions they make a couple of bonefishy calls.  Here’s one.

I predict that two major world record marks for fly-caught fish will fall in 2010–redfish, (the fish will be caught in February, in Louisiana), and bonefish, which will be caught off Oahu this summer.  I predict that I will also hear about at least 40 obscure “line class” records, e.g. “alligator gar, on the fly, on 4-pound test,” and that I will not stroke the egos of the people who set those silly records by writing about them.

Hawaii certainly does have that potential.   That would be exciting.

Here are a few Bonefish on the Brain 2010 Predictions:

  • As soon as I get back from my January trip to the Bahamas I will begin fantasizing about my next trip.
  • I will tie at least 600 bonefish flies in 2010.  I will be lucky to use 10.
  • The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust will have a banner year in large part due to the utter and total rulingness of the Pirates of the Flats tv program on ESPN.
  • My trout fishing days will dwarf my bonefishing days.
  • I will dream about bonefish at least 3 times.
  • I will bore at least 40 people to tears with talk of bonefish.

2010 should be an interesting year for sure.

(Field and Stream quote with permission from Field and Stream)