Jun 13

So much to ponder

This is going to be a little scatter shot.

First off… very cool to see the Adopt a Bonefish project for Culebra over at the Moldy Chum. Very interesting project and a place I totally want to go to some day.

Second, Deneki did a great piece on tides for bonefish. Solid. As always.

Next, Long Island Bonefishing Lodge, a semi-DIY spot had a group of social media types out their way last week. Some of my flies were out there with Mike, in addition to photog and foodie Sam Root.

I’m still wishing I had some good water to throw my new Redington Vapen on.

I’m also still recovering from a weekend on the Upper McCloud River with a small, but mighty group. Such a beautiful place.

Too kewl for school

Too kewl for school