So much to ponder

This is going to be a little scatter shot.

First off… very cool to see the Adopt a Bonefish project for Culebra over at the Moldy Chum. Very interesting project and a place I totally want to go to some day.

Second, Deneki did a great piece on tides for bonefish. Solid. As always.

Next, Long Island Bonefishing Lodge, a semi-DIY spot had a group of social media types out their way last week. Some of my flies were out there with Mike, in addition to photog and foodie Sam Root.

I’m still wishing I had some good water to throw my new Redington Vapen on.

I’m also still recovering from a weekend on the Upper McCloud River with a small, but mighty group. Such a beautiful place.

Too kewl for school

Too kewl for school

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  1. Great article on tides. we have a similar situation in Key West where the Gulf of Mexico’s close proximity to the Atlantic can have water coming in on one side and two miles away flowing out. Difficult to learn but once you get a handle on it you can find almost any stage you like….almost

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