Jul 18

That time Rob tried to kill me with rum

Back from a week of fishing at East End Lodge and my liver is thanking me for the respite.

The set-up at East End Lodge has a bar in the common room/dining room where you can normally find Rob, co-owner of East End Lodge, working away at his laptop in the morning as he pours over weather reports, or in the evening as he mans the bar pouring a cocktail or two.

Let me just say, I’m pretty sure Rob tried to kill me one night with rum. Every time I looked away (and even when I didn’t) my glass was magically re-filled, an impish grin on Rob’s face. Luckily, his plot failed and I survived, able to fish the next day with no ill effects.

OK, that may be a bit of an overstatement.

Truth is, the place had a great vibe, Rob and Cecil (business partners and friends) are great hosts. The whole staff was friendly and accommodating.

Missing these two right about now.

Rob and Cecil


Oct 13

Bahamian Rum

I prefer Kalik, sure, but if I’m going to drink something harder, it is almost certainly going to be rum. Maybe it is my not-so-secret longing to be in the Caribbean. I love experiencing the cultures of the places I visit, including the food and drink of those places.

The Bahamas is lesser known rum producing country than some of its neighbors, but it has some of that history as well.

Looks like there are some options when it comes to Bahamian rum, such as John Watling’s.

I do believe that I’ll be pouring a drink the next time I’m fortunate enough be in the Bahamas.

Rum Journal: John Watling’s Buena Vista Rum From the Bahamas