Feb 12

A tale of lines

Not too often someone writes this much about lines… figured it was worth a share.

The 3M Company, the Minnesota behemoth behind Post-it Notes, Scotch Tape, and Scotchguard also owns a small division called Scientific Anglers (SA) that makes fly lines. While there are a few competitors out there, undoubtedly SA has held the reputation of making the best fly lines in the world.

Really?  The best in the world?  How do you guys feel about that?

Sometimes the “Scientific” part outdoes the “Anglers” part of the name and when that happens you end up with a product that is too good and actually does some harm. The Sharkskin line works well on paper and very well in actual use. Perhaps too well. The embossed pattern on the surface reduces friction as it flies through the guides on the fly rod. Lines shoot out further with less effort. Less contact is made with the surface of the water so picking up for a backcast is easier.

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