A tale of lines

Not too often someone writes this much about lines… figured it was worth a share.

The 3M Company, the Minnesota behemoth behind Post-it Notes, Scotch Tape, and Scotchguard also owns a small division called Scientific Anglers (SA) that makes fly lines. While there are a few competitors out there, undoubtedly SA has held the reputation of making the best fly lines in the world.

Really?  The best in the world?  How do you guys feel about that?

Sometimes the “Scientific” part outdoes the “Anglers” part of the name and when that happens you end up with a product that is too good and actually does some harm. The Sharkskin line works well on paper and very well in actual use. Perhaps too well. The embossed pattern on the surface reduces friction as it flies through the guides on the fly rod. Lines shoot out further with less effort. Less contact is made with the surface of the water so picking up for a backcast is easier.

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  1. Everything I have read says that Sharkskin will wear groves in your fingers and you guides… The line guides that is; unless you have a crappy back cast and guide that hasn’t learned to duck yet… 😀

  2. When the Sharkskin lines first hit the market I thought wow this is the coolest think ever and wondered why such a simple concept had not be thought of years ago. I am not in that elite group of flyfishers that can afford $400. reels, $800. rods or $100. lines so I did not buy one and have no personal experience. I have spoken with several anglers who have used the Sharkskin line and very few of them are happy with it. The finger cuts are one big thing, but other complaints I have heard are that it wears out quickly. Picks up extra grit and wears out guides on your fly rod. As I have said I have not used the line myself so I have no first hand experience. I did recently score an Airflo ridge line on ebay for a very reasonable price. So far I really like it. It has grooves that run in parallel to the line. It casts great but I have not fished it enough to see whether or not it picks up extra grit or not, but because the groves run the length of the line it doesn’t seem to tear up my fingers. Also the line is PVC free and is supposed to last longer. We’ll see how that goes.

  3. Bjorn, I have used both the Sharkskin Line and the Textured Line. I think the issues with the Sharkskin line are well known and I would agree with them all. The Textured line is indeed an improvement and I would recommend it.

  4. Bloody fingers and the incessant noise arey clients biggest complaints, however, a few of them are casting further with shark skin, no question. I like when lines are colored similar to the water, bonefish are spooky enough without sending a bright orange warning . . .

  5. Oh yeah, dreamt about bonefish again, but this time they were in the ice chest, opening beers with their crunchers.

  6. Funny that one of my good friends has complained about those lines, but still uses one and claims he gets 10 extra feet, and he casts pretty frigging far to begin with. I’ve had lots of people both say they hate the lines and that they like them.

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