Mar 12

The Quiver for Cuba

The days are in single digits and I’m starting to get really annoying on the whole “Guess where I’m going?!” thing.  The media tour with Yellow Dog and Avalon is fast approaching and my rods are finally all here.

There they are.

This is what’s on tap.

  • 11 wt – Predator from Redington (I fished this in a 9 in December)
  • 10 wt – Helios from Orvis (I’ve fished this before in a 10 and an 8 )
  • 8 wt – One from Sage (brand new)
  • 8 wt – mystery prototype rod

That’s a pretty sweet line up. The only thing I don’t really have in there is a dedicated permit rod, but that’s because I hope I find more time casting to baby tarpon and not-baby bonefish than searching for permit. I just can’t help it… that’s how I feel. Don’t hate me.

These are not my rods, of course. The sad day when I get back will be returning these rods to their corporate parents. I hope to get a sense of where the new Sage One stacks up to one of my favorite rods, the Helios.  The Predator is a good, workman rod that is the low-cost rod of the bunch. The prototype? I’ve never cast a prototype before.

Basically… I’ll keep you posted and I. CAN’T. WAIT.

Mar 12

Cuba Gear List – Sage One

Another rod I’ll be bringing along down to Cuba will be the Sage One.  I think I’m getting this in an 8 wt, with an 11 coming from Redington and maybe from Orvis as well.

The Sage One has received a LOT of praise. The Sage One pretty much cleaned up at IFTD show in The Big Easy.

Tom over at the Trout Underground even had some thoughts on a promotional video for the Sage One.

These sorts of products are supposed to be game changers and usually five years later they are just another product release in a long line of product releases.  Every once in a while you run into something that really DOES feel different.  The Orvis Helios and G. Loomis NRX were kind of like that for me.  Super light for big rods, it DID feel like a game changer.  I am really looking forward to getting the Sage One out there and seeing if it really is everything that has been promised to us, the masses.