Jan 11

South Andros trip primer From Salty Shores

A no nonsense, no fluff guide to fishing South Andros Bahamas. (mainly because I’m too lazy to type a novel) 😉

via South Andros bonefishing trip primer, part 3: The fishing.

Well… I’d say this is worth a look.  Sam Root over at Salty Shores is one hell of a photographer too.  Sam put together a few posts about his South Andros experiences and I’d say they are worth reading.  Check them out.

Oct 10

apparel and fishing gear for South Andros via Salty Shores

The Salty Shores site is a pretty neat place, mostly for the stunning photography.  I know that Sam recently went to Andros (thanks Facebook) and so I was pleased to see some Androsian content come up on the Salty Shores site.  Here is a trip primer focused on gear and clothes for your South Andros trip.

Every time I travel to different area and I always wonder what to bring with me. I know you can do your research and talked to friends. Invariably though you forget or get wrong information at times.

via South Andros bonefishing trip primer, part 1: apparel and fishing gear.

Jul 10

Joe Gonzalez and Salty Shores

This is just a teaser for my interview with Biscayne Bay guide Joe Gonzalez which will be up on Tuesday.  This pic is courtesy of Sam Root at Salty Shores.


Jan 10

Tag Ends – 1-1-10

Just a few tid-bits for your New Year’s Day.

Oct 09

Tag Ends, 10/7/2009

Some bits and pieces for your Wednesday.