Aug 13

For the love of small fish

In 2010 I caught what I bet will be my smallest bonefish ever. I was in Belize, out in back of El Pescador on the last day I had of fishing. My buddy Shane was with me, crushing me on the fish count. I was struggling to find the fish and I was finding sealing the deal to be a challenge.

I knew where the fish should have been, so I just cast over there, blind. I was rewarded with a bonefish I think was maybe 7″ long. I have not caught a smaller bone since. I certainly haven’t seen one that small anywhere. It was interesting to see, really. The bones of Belize are usually a bit smaller than Bahamian bones, but this fish was tiny. I think I was maybe a bit embarrassed about it and didn’t take a picture. Now, I wish I had.

It didn’t really look too different from a larger bone. It was just miniature.

For trout, it isn’t like that. Small trout are usually more vibrant in their coloration than the adults. A small trout is one of natures most beautiful things. Some of the places I fish are full of tiny, tiny trout. I find them stunning. I don’t mind that they are small. I know they are wild and I know they are beautiful.

Tiny and wonderful.

Tiny and wonderful.

What’s the smallest bone you’ve caught?