For the love of small fish

In 2010 I caught what I bet will be my smallest bonefish ever. I was in Belize, out in back of El Pescador on the last day I had of fishing. My buddy Shane was with me, crushing me on the fish count. I was struggling to find the fish and I was finding sealing the deal to be a challenge.

I knew where the fish should have been, so I just cast over there, blind. I was rewarded with a bonefish I think was maybe 7″ long. I have not caught a smaller bone since. I certainly haven’t seen one that small anywhere. It was interesting to see, really. The bones of Belize are usually a bit smaller than Bahamian bones, but this fish was tiny. I think I was maybe a bit embarrassed about it and didn’t take a picture. Now, I wish I had.

It didn’t really look too different from a larger bone. It was just miniature.

For trout, it isn’t like that. Small trout are usually more vibrant in their coloration than the adults. A small trout is one of natures most beautiful things. Some of the places I fish are full of tiny, tiny trout. I find them stunning. I don’t mind that they are small. I know they are wild and I know they are beautiful.

Tiny and wonderful.

Tiny and wonderful.

What’s the smallest bone you’ve caught?

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  1. First bonefish was the smallest. Caught with Capt Dexter Simmons in the Lower Keys. Might have been the smallest (probably about 2lbs), but it was enough.

  2. We’ve caught them (accidentally) in our cast net in places they really shouldn’t be (Tampa Bay, Charlotte Harbor, Sarasota) – probably 3-8 inches long, and always immediately put back in the water . . . we’ve caught little permit, and little sailfish, and little snapper, and all sorts of neat stuff, but bonefish always cause the biggest stir . . .

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