Oct 13

Tenkara Bonefish… wait… what?!?!?

OK, I lose a point or two for not paying attention. Maybe you only see what you expect to see. I know I often edit like that. If I write “teh” I read it “the,” regardless of how many times I read that sentence. That may explain why I wrote the below post about Tenkara bonefish, when it is actually (as one person in the comments noticed) a REDINGTON FORM GAME ROD. Yup… a practice rod. I’m a bit dumbstruck by this one.

Ya never know…

—– original post below —-

A Facebook follower put up this photo asking if it was real.

A bonefish on a Tenkara rod (the Japanese set-up that has a fixed line and no reel). It sounds impossible to land a bonefish on one, but I’ve read enough reports of people hooking them on Tenkara rods to believe this is, actually, possible and true.

I can think of 3 bonefish I have landed without putting them on the reel at all. It is possible if the fish is small enough.

It still isn’t the right tool for the job, not by a long shot, but sure… it is possible.

Well... look at that.

Well… look at that.