Tenkara Bonefish… wait… what?!?!?

OK, I lose a point or two for not paying attention. Maybe you only see what you expect to see. I know I often edit like that. If I write “teh” I read it “the,” regardless of how many times I read that sentence. That may explain why I wrote the below post about Tenkara bonefish, when it is actually (as one person in the comments noticed) a REDINGTON FORM GAME ROD. Yup… a practice rod. I’m a bit dumbstruck by this one.

Ya never know…

—– original post below —-

A Facebook follower put up this photo asking if it was real.

A bonefish on a Tenkara rod (the Japanese set-up that has a fixed line and no reel). It sounds impossible to land a bonefish on one, but I’ve read enough reports of people hooking them on Tenkara rods to believe this is, actually, possible and true.

I can think of 3 bonefish I have landed without putting them on the reel at all. It is possible if the fish is small enough.

It still isn’t the right tool for the job, not by a long shot, but sure… it is possible.

Well... look at that.

Well… look at that.

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  1. Who would have thought….crazy but very cool.

  2. I’ve also got no problem believing this. I’m just back from a trip which involved quite a lot of chasing fish around in mangroves due to big tides allowing them in.
    I caught quite a number of fish which I didn’t/couldn’t allow to run at all. Strong tippet and confusing the heck out of the fish by constantly changing the angle of pull was the key.
    We won’t mention the eight weight that gave up the ghost in the face of this abuse, of course 😉

  3. I could believe it with a real Tenkara rod, but this is a Redington Form practice rod. I have one and it’s great…as a practice rod. They are just over 3 feet long have zero backbone. Anything is possible I suppose, but this would be a stretch.

  4. Set the hook, toss the rod in the water, let the fish tow it around until it gets tired, and you go chase it. Just like Eddy did in “The River Why”.

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