Apr 10

A Special Place in Hell

There is, now, a special place reserved in hell for the total piece of trash that took my chest pack out of my car last night.  I’m a country guy, and didn’t lock my car, so, I guess I was asking for it… but still… I think I have every right to condemn this person to a hot and painful eternity.

The loss is really  confined to the trout/bass/carp side of my fly fishing life, but that means the lion’s share of my flies… I’m guessing somewhere between 200-400 flies…  a bit of everything, softhackles, trico spinners, massive stone fly nymphs, green drake dries, smolt, fox poopahs, elk hair caddis, adams, pink alberts, PT’s, copper johns… everything.

The thought of re-building that arsenal is daunting and not something I look forward to.

Thanks, a-hole.  You are first against the wall when the revolution comes.

When the revolution comes... this is your view, you bastido.