A Special Place in Hell

There is, now, a special place reserved in hell for the total piece of trash that took my chest pack out of my car last night.  I’m a country guy, and didn’t lock my car, so, I guess I was asking for it… but still… I think I have every right to condemn this person to a hot and painful eternity.

The loss is really  confined to the trout/bass/carp side of my fly fishing life, but that means the lion’s share of my flies… I’m guessing somewhere between 200-400 flies…  a bit of everything, softhackles, trico spinners, massive stone fly nymphs, green drake dries, smolt, fox poopahs, elk hair caddis, adams, pink alberts, PT’s, copper johns… everything.

The thought of re-building that arsenal is daunting and not something I look forward to.

Thanks, a-hole.  You are first against the wall when the revolution comes.

When the revolution comes... this is your view, you bastido.

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  1. Sorry to hear that man. That really stinks.

    On the flip side, I linked your site from mine on the bonefish flat.

    good luck at the tying bench.

  2. Keeps getting better… Daughter spilled coffee all over my laptop and it appears to be fried. Good times.

  3. Wow, when it rains it pours, eh?

    I just worked for a couple days on a new vid only to get a: “This project appears to be damaged” or some such nonsense upon attempting to open it today. I did eventually figure it out and gain access to the file, only to discover that half my audio files (the only ones I actually had turned on for the video) were missing. Solution: re-edit almost everything.

    Not as bad as things are for you, my friend, but just thought I’d try to commiserate a little. Anyways, hope things get better.

  4. Aww naw! That really sucks man. People are a-holes! I never lock my car either, and I leave my windows down when I’m out in the yak, but I put things of value like my spare flybox and 6 weight in the trunk.

    That sucks about your laptop bro. Looks like no trips to Andros for you in the near future…..

  5. Well, the good news is that the laptop started working again!

    The other good news is that I caught my first CA surf fishing fish today… not a perch, but a striper, little guy, maybe a pound… but still, some success. Otherwise it was just getting mauled by the waves. I’m tired.

  6. Thanks Davin. At least the laptop is back up and running. Now I’m trying to back up all my files… the on-line backup has been running for a full day and is at 9%… can’t lose all these pictures!

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