Mar 12

Tom Goes to Andros South

Last year I had the privilege to be part of FIBFest at Andros South.  Along on that trip was Tom Larimer.

Looks like Tom just made it back.  He took a hosted trip to Andros South and despite some less-than-ideal weather, they had a good time.

I envy him for getting back there… for hanging out at the Slack Tide Bar and chatting with the guides on the ride out to the West Side.  Of course, I can’t complain. I’m headed to Cuba here in about 2.5 weeks with Yellow Dog and that does not suck.

One of the things about fly fishing that I love is that you both get to see new and wonderful places and you also get to develop some “home water.”  For trout I have home water on the Upper Sac and McCloud.  For Carp I have Calero. For bonefish I don’t have a place that I know well, a place I keep coming back to.  I’d love to have South Andros be that place, but that seems financially and logistically out of the question.  Glad that Tom is getting a feel for South Andros and maybe beyond swinging for steelhead in Oregon he’s getting a sense of the moods of Andros.

May 11

OK, some of my own good C&R Bonefish Pics

I didn’t start out too good.  The first success I had was with a guide that either didn’t know, or didn’t practice good C&R. The results were lots of grip & grin shots with the fish out of the water for way, way too long.

Since then, I’ve read, I’ve listened and I’ve learned. The general math looks like this… (- air exposure) + (- handling) = Good Release

Here’s me putting that into practice…

A nice shot from Cameron at FIBFest II with Andros South

Ok… so, not everyone has a professional photographer as totally awesome as Cameron hanging out with you all day, so, here are others.

Tom Larimer took this pic.

A pic I took down in Belize

Another pic from Belize with El Pescador.

A DIY Bone from Grand Bahama.

Apr 11

Hunting for Bonefish and Steelhead | Tom Larimer Guest Post

Another FIBFest related post from the good folks at Deneki.

Photo by Cameron Miller

Chasing bonefish had never held huge appeal to me… after all, I’m a steelhead angler that thrives on punishment. Give me a river full of fish and I start losing interest – the hunt is what captivates me.

via Hunting for Bonefish and Steelhead | Tom Larimer Guest Post.

Tom Larimer wrote another good piece for the Deneki Blog about the hunting aspects of bonefishing compared to steelheading.  I have to say, the hunting aspect of bonefishing is something that really grabs me.  That you have to see the fish before you catch it… you have to know where to expect it and when it will be there, then you have to make the cast and get the retrieve right… I love it.

I imagine that it has a lot of parallels to hunting, although I’m not a hunter myself.  You have to know where the elk or deer or grouse are going to be.  You have to get in the right position.  You have to see your target and you have to make the shot.

Of course, you get to let your bonefish go.