Sep 11

Trout Setting, in Spanish

Cuba continues to look kind of awesome.

Check out the mother of all troutsets at :45.

Been there.

Nice that the bone got tagged… well played.

I’ll add, I don’t speak Spanish, so, sorry if they said “Death to America” anywhere in there.


Nov 10

Bones in the Bahamas – YouTube

A little YouTube bonefishing hunt turned up this little video, newly added to interwebs.  This is in the Bahamas somewhere.


Sep 09


So, Deneki Outdoors just puts out lots and lots and lots of solid blog posts on bonefishy subjects.  One of their latest is on setting the hook.

Last December, as I was out in Grand Bahama with a guide and my dad, the guide asked if I fished a lot in the States… specifically, if I did a lot of trout fishing.  “Yes” I told him, I did.  I was so pleased he could tell I was a serious angler.  He then proceeded to tell me that the “trout set” I had was rubbish and I wasn’t going to hook many bonefish if I kept that up.  “Oh… he means I’m sucking right now” was my next thought.  The “Strip Set” is key and that’s the topic before us over at Deneki Outdoors.

This isn’t the best little vid of the strip set or strip strike, but… it’s what I found.

Equally important as learning how to set the hook, is for your guide to learn how to pole the boat.  There is some crude language in this one… understandably.

Hee hee… see, it’s funny because it isn’t me.  Also, tragedy + time = comedy.