Bones in the Bahamas – YouTube

A little YouTube bonefishing hunt turned up this little video, newly added to interwebs.  This is in the Bahamas somewhere.

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  1. WTF. That all I’ve got.

  2. That dredged channel or the bonefish crawling on its belly? I thought that channel was pretty egregious. Nothing subtle about that.

  3. Actually, mostly just the fact that those dudes are catching bonefish. After guiding back home and fishing the Keys–both places where you’ve (usually) got to do everything right and it still might not happen–watching someone fish so casually and still catch some amazing fish makes me pretty jealous. Rod tip a couple feet out of the water, barely pointing at the fish, stripping what I’d say was way too fast, and trout setting but still hooking up. Yup, I wanna go there.

  4. Dumb fish are fantastic.

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