Feb 16

The right attitude

My trip is next week. As such, there has been a lot of running around, getting last minute items I just can’t possibly live without (that I could almost surely live without). I’ve also been looking at that 10 Day forecast with increasing regularity.

The forecast has been both good and bad and in-between and in my experience the 10 day forecast is about as accurate as earthquake prediction (in that, it isn’t).

Not fishing, not catching, most like running from the storm in Sunny FL

Not fishing, not catching, most like running from the storm in Sunny FL

The base truth is that the weather is a crap shoot. It could be glorious and it could be horrible and it is likely to be a bit of both because it is the Bahamas and it is February.

What is more important than the weather, in terms of a trip being a success or not, is likely the attitude I bring to the trip. If a day of rain or cloud is going to ruin the trip I stand a great chance of having the trip ruined. If I look at the thing as a grand adventure and prepare myself for nothing more than drinking rum and Kalik and looking at the water, well… maybe low expectations really is the key to happiness.

So… I’m ready, mentally, regardless of the forecast or even the actual weather. It will be an adventure.

(I’ll still look at the forecast a few more times though)

Jun 15

Back From Florida

I’m back. I’m back in California from my week in the Keys where the fishing was hard and the friendships easy.

I’ll get to posting later this week, but I wanted to give a little color to events of the past seven days.

In short, we got our collective asses handed to us by Mr. & Mrs. Tarpon. Seems like the big fish had mostly stopped running the ocean side flats by the time we got there, although there were a few big herds seen and cast to (although not by me).

The number of tarpon seen in a day, sometimes counted in the hundreds, on this trip were often counted in single digits. There were not water jugs poured over any heads in celebration on this trip, but it had its moments, although mostly of the friendship type and not the fishing type.

I’ll get some stories up over the next few days.


Matt and Ty


Davin on the lookout.


Me, Bill Horn and Dan Dow, running. 


A bit of weather to round things out. 

Mar 10

Milestone on the Flats

Guilttrip25 reported a milestone for 2010… his Florida waters hit 75 degrees.

It certainly has been a crazy weather winter for the “Sunshine State.”  At the March Merkin permit tournament the weather was so crappy that, as The Bonefish Flat reported, only two permit were caught.

A quick look at the 10 day forecast would seem to confirm the optimism… temps from 80-73… some fishing goodness on the way.

Don't worry Florida, better times are ahead.

Sep 09

Whenever you can!

I was glad to see Deneki Outdoors latest blog post which reassured me that the best time to go bonefishing is whenever you can!

I’m going to the Bahamas in January, which will be a bit cooler than, say, May, but not THAT much cooler.  The thing to dodge are the big storms, but those seem to be a Fall sort of event.

I think this is S. Andros from Deneki Outdoors

I’ve become a big fan of the Deneki Outdoors blog for the ton of useful info that they put out about bonefishing.  I recently got to meet the owner/operator at a local fly shop and got to talk bonefish (and some steelhead) for a while.  The thing I like second best to actually fishing is TALKING about fishing.  Oh fishing, I could never be mad at you!